2012 Marketing Predictions

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Here is my annual list of what to expect in the coming year as it relates to marketing:

1.) Mobile is here and will grow. Make sure you think about its impact on your marketing when you do your 12-18 month planning. Customers and prospects are expecting you to accessible at their fingertips.

2.) Look for more integration of traditional media into social campaigns. While social is good at helping build credibility and dialog, it’s not the greatest at converting those conversations into business. Enter mail, email, face-to-face selling and telemarketing.

3.) B2B marketing will begin its long overdue transition into more measurable marketing. The days of trade shows, space ads and some direct mail only will be a thing of the past for those B2B firms that want to gain market share. Enter social media, more smart use of PR & SEO/paid search and much better use of segmentation in 2012.

4.) SEO will continue to grow and, combined with smart buys of Google ad words, Facebook and LinkedIN, will play a key role in a new type of lead generation that will also be much more measurable. Organic and paid search will eat up more space ad budgets in 2012. Twitter will also continue to grow and be tested for marketing results.

5.) Video, Video, Video. Use of this dynamic tool will not be optional for smart marketers in 2012. Look for its integration more into social channels beyond YouTube, on more websites and used via email next years. Get really good at using your hand held video devices to tell your stories…dynamically and differently.

6.) Focus on better follow-up to your lead generation campaigns and even general brand advertising in 2012 and your profits will soar. People hate to be sold, BUT they LOVE TO BUY. Keep that in mind when you embark upon your next campaign.

7.) TEST is a four letter word. One that will reap huge rewards for those brave enough to “fail intelligently.” Use your findings to help you market smarter in 2012 and beyond.

Here is to your 2012 being your best year yet. Thanks to all of our client partners and friends, 2011 was a banner year for my firm Johnson Direct. Following these predictions each year, we have been able to garner above average returns for our client partners. I hope you find the same level of success following these guidelines. I look forward to hearing your achievements when you take your marketing to the next level…marketing that’s measurable.


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