What the Consumer Privacy Rights Act Means for Marketers

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An amendment to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)—dubbed the Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)—was approved by voters in California this week. Enforceable on July 1, 2023, the CPRA institutes new privacy rights and further defines what constitutes “sensitive personal information,” a phrase referenced in the CCPA. Here is what the new measure means for marketers, according to reporting from AdExchanger.

The amendment makes the privacy laws outlined within the CCPA more likely to be enforced. For one, it calls for the creation of a California Privacy Protection Agency that’s dedicated to defending consumer rights. Instead of enforcement falling under the purview of California’s attorney general’s office, the agency will take on the role and receive a $10 million annual budget.

The CPRA also expands the definition of Californians’ “sensitive personal information” that must be protected to include race, ethnicity and precise geolocation, and it enhances children’s privacy by tripling fines for violation. The amendment also places limits on data retention, requires annual audits and changes the “do not sell” personal information remit to “do not sell or share.”

The outcome for marketers? Given the additional details included in the amendment and the formation of an agency, companies that have been slow to adjust to the new rules should no longer avoid compliance. However, the new rules do not require those businesses that have begun making the necessary changes to dramatically change course or start over from scratch.

For more on the implications of the CCPA, read on in AdExchanger.


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