Take B2B Lead Nurturing Beyond Email

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Many B2B marketers have traditionally focused a huge chunk of their lead nurturing efforts on email. That’s great, as far as it goes, but to really connect online today, you need to use multiple channels to make an impression.

Social and display must be part of your efforts to get content in front of B2B prospects. In a new whitepaper, “The 5-Minute Multi-Channel Nurturing Primer,” Bizo notes that while email is powerful, it does have its limitations. After all, the average email open rate for B2B marketers is less than 20%.

Where should marketers start? First, they need to define their technology needs, and use their marketing automation solutions to synchronize social and display efforts with email.

“You have the powerful ability to align the same messaging, creative and offers within these ads that your psoects may have missed in their inboxes,” writes Bizo.

Of course, marketers must identify what audiences they want to target, by engagement level, interest and demographic profile. Then, its key to develop nurture paths to reach these segments.

What to learn more? On Nov. 12, Chief Marketer and Bizo will present a free webinar, “Beyond the Inbox: Reaching and Nurturing B2B Prospects With Multiple Digital Channels. ”

Jennifer Agustin, group manager, marketing at LinkedIn and Kristin Piccirillo, director of acquisition, marketing at PaySimple, as they discuss how to tap into the power of multiple digital channels to reach new audiences, nurture and convert anonymous website visitors and more. Click here to register.


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