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CM Weekly 5.19.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly May 19, 2024 GenAI is poised to transform the way we search. And in some ways, it has done so already. Take Google’s Search Generative Experience, which is an AI-driven results page that features content from Large Language Models (LLMs) first, followed by sponsored posts and then ranked pages sorted by keyword relevancy.…

CM Top 5 5.14.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

Sponsored by: 1 Acquisition Marketers on Fire: Milani Cosmetics CMO on Democratizing Prestige Beauty, Inclusivity & Social Trends We spoke with CMO Jeremy Lowenstein about his marketing philosophy, successful social campaigns, democratizing luxury beauty and fostering a culture build on agility. READ FULL STORY 2 Data & Analytics Global Data, Local Impact: Mastering Personalization With a Centralized Data Hub…

CM Weekly 5.12.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly May 12, 2024 “I constantly tell my team that failure is okay. Not everything is meant to succeed. And if you don't try something, you'll never know. Giving permission to test and learn or test and fail has to be part of your culture. Because otherwise, you create a culture of being scared…

CM Weekly 5.5.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly May 5, 2024 There are passionate fanbases. And then there are WWE fans. A little taste of their rabid fandom: The first-ever WWE SmackDown event held in France, which took place earlier this week, reportedly registered a noise level that exceeded 100 decibels, which can result in hearing loss after prolonged exposure. Now…

CM Weekly 4.28.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly April 28, 2024 At a recent Axios event in New York City discussing the upskilling of today’s workforce with AI, Esty CEO and tech entrepreneur Josh Silverman shared the ways in which his team is using GenAI and machine learning, experimenting with customer service upgrades, fielding customer feedback and training employees on AI.…

CM Weekly 4.21.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly April 21, 2024 We spoke with Morgan Stanley CMO Allice Milligan last week, our latest Marketers on Fire pick, about her atypical journey to the C-suite, philosophies that guide her, how she markets to younger customers and innovative partnerships at the finance company. This week we’re bringing you part two of our discussion,…

CM Weekly 4.14.24

|  by Kaylee Hultgren

CM Weekly April 14, 2024 “Your path isn't always easy, but the only ceiling in life is the one that you give it. You can accomplish anything if you've got determination, some grit, some vision for where you want to be, and you think about how you can do something versus if you can do…

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