Nooooo. Not the Iron!

Posted on by Patty Odell

It’s shocking really that the Monopoly iron could not be saved.

In case you hadn’t heard, Monopoly ran a month-long Facebook contest asking for a public vote to determine the newest token board piece and which classic token would be dispatched to a lifetime in jail. The iron, in the game since 1935, only got a sad little 8% of the votes when the news was released this morning, falling behind even the wheelbarrow and the shoe. A video at the site shows the iron being locked up in jail—that’s very harsh. Who knew so few people had a love for the iron—and votes came in from 185 countries!

The new token is a cat. It beat out a robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring for the honor. Production of the cat begins immediately and will show up in Monopoly games on store shelves in late this year. 

The Facebook page was abuzz with posts like: “Not sure I’m comfortable with Change,” Please, save the iron!!” and “Save the iron—I’m always the iron—it cannot go away!”

And there were, of course, the cat supporters. “A cat is only fair!!! There has been a DOG for years!!!” and Hooray for the kitty!!!” I don't think the cat looks very friendly, but you can judge for yourself.

Monopoly didn’t miss this chance to sell, sell, sell. At the website numerous content boxes and buttons remind people to rush out and buy the Monopoly game before the iron “disappears forever” or "Buy Now." 

Monopoly may have relegated the hard-working—beloved to some of us—iron to the game-token penitentiary forever, but my iron will take its proud place on my Monopoly board for many games to come.


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