Articles by Kaylee Hultgren

What to Expect From 2024’s Crop of Super Bowl Ads

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

As we get ready for the Big Game next weekend, Super Bowl ads will draw millions of eyeballs pre-, during- and post-game. Here's what marketers can expect from this year's spots.

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck With a Retail RFP

|  by Marty Moore

RFP season is now upon us. With tight budgets and tough goals, retail marketers are hoping to get more juice from the squeeze. Here's how brands can ask the right questions to find those partners who can really make a big difference.

Building AI Brands: Be Human-Centric, Accurate and Strategic

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

When it comes to marketing AI brands themselves, there are unique challenges to that exercise, such as navigating hype cycles, pushing the human-centric element and crafting high-tech storytelling.