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Moderne Communications

B2B Top Shops
  • Core 1: Event & Experiential Marketing
  • Core 2: Sampling
  • Core 3: Promotional Marketing

  • Clients Include: CBS Radio for Wendy's, Wong Doody (for Air New Zealand and Alaska Airlines), Lactalis American Group, Wilson Media Group (for Gilead), LeadDog Marketing Group (for Sunglass Hut)
  • Website:
  • Contact: [email protected]

Moderne Communications – (the silent “e” stands for “everything!”) integrates traditional and digital to deliver “phygital” engagements. Working with LeadDog for client Sunglass Hut, the shop launched a five-market Electrify Summer tour in which consumers lit up a 10-foot synthetic sun by dancing on electricity-producing tiles—all while the real sun steadily set in the background. Results: 30,000 attendees, 164 million digital/social media impressions—and 316,000 joules of energy produced!