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Legacy Marketing

B2B Top Shops
  • Core 1: Event & Experiential Marketing
  • Core 2: Influencer Programs
  • Core 3: Sampling

  • Clients Include: Pernod Ricard, TGI Fridays, Hilton, Cabela's, Deloitte
  • Website:
  • Contact: Amy Bourke

Legacy Marketing – To encourage Millennials to consider Friday’s, Twitter Vending Machines and DubSync Booths played into passion points of music festivals, outdoor parks and influencer events and drove traffic to local Friday’s. It added 100+ full-time, immersive brand ambassadors/influencers located across the country. A group creative director, Tom Szidon, was recently hired, as was a cultural anthropologist to expand consumer intelligence. social milestones are hit. For example, once the clock records 1,000 tweets containing a branded hashtag, everyone in attendance gets a branded t-shirt.