How Ecommerce Technologies and In-Store Experiences Can Enhance the Shopper Experience

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Effective ecommerce technologies enable brands to capitalize on the increase in online shopping we’re seeing today. But for some consumers, there’s no substitute for experiencing products in real life. Here is how ecommerce tech can complement the in-store experience through cross-channel optimization, inventory integration and more, according to a piece in Multichannel Merchant.

Cross-Channel Optimization

Ensuring that a purchase is convenient—regardless of the channel a consumer is using to consider and complete a purchase—is key. Brands’ websites should be optimized to account for purchases through mobile apps combined with in-store pickups in order to provide the kind of flexibility that modern shoppers expect.

Online Store Information

The first touchpoint along the customer journey is often the experience of collecting information about a physical store online. Make sure to provide store hours and product information that reflect the store’s inventory and encourage in-person visits—potentially supported by retail staff—to encourage final purchase decisions.

Inventory Integration

Make sure that store inventory accurately reflects what’s listed online. Real-time updates can improve the customer experience by allowing consumers to review inventory ahead of time—which studies show is becoming the expectation rather than an add-on.

Hassle-Free Shipping

Services such as same-day delivery and free shipping are fast becoming purchase motivators. Providing hassle-free shipping, which includes estimated delivery dates, SMS updates and shipping notifications and on-site tracking, can make a difference in landing that final conversion.

For more detail on bridging the gap between the ecommerce and in-store experience, read more in Multichannel Merchant.


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