Special Reports

Bridging The Gap With Through-Channel Marketing Automation

In this conversation with BrandMuscle’s Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer, you'll discover how through-channel marketing automation, or TCMA, allows marketers to maximize performance through managing brand assets and localizing them efficiently.

Getting Private Brands Right

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Private label sales have been growing faster than national brand sales for several years. Now COVID-19 has accelerated that trend, creating a big opportunity for retailers. Find out what it takes to make the most of that opportunity and gain an edge on the competition.

Creating Consistent Brand Experiences in Inconsistent Times

In the era of socially-distanced sales and marketing, smart document organization and automation can drive productivity, compliance and collaboration. In this conversation with Templafy head of demand Chris Lewandowski, you’ll learn the ways marketers can optimize and standardize content creation


With the majority of U.S. consumers social distancing at a home, and with brick-and-mortar retail options vastly reduced, ecommerce sales have skyrocketed. But the adoption of digital shopping, experts agree, is unlikely to go back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Brands that are quick to adopt new ecommerce solutions will be better poised to edge out their…

Your Media Mix During Chaotic Times

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While getting the right media mix has always been challenging, today it’s a new playing field, with new rules. COVID-19 has dramatically affected consumer behaviors. Heightened awareness and concerns about social issues have put brands under the microscope. Get four practical tips to help plot the right course.