Moms Value the Web Difference

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Web parenting resource has produced research to show how reliant today’s moms are on technology. And to back it up, they released an app that turns Mom’s iPhone into a baby toy — without risking an accidental call to Rio de Janeiro.

The study,”21st Century Moms,” found that U.S. moms’ use of social networks increased 462% over the last three years, growing from 11% in 2006 to 63% this year. Close to half (44%) of those connected mothers use social media for word of mouth advice on brands and products.

That WOM endorsement is important because parenting changes moms’ buying habits and choices. Sixty-two percent of moms told that having a child changed the brands they bought, while 73% reported that their buying criteria shifted to emphasize safety, quality and price.

Moms are also way more likely than in 2006 (348% more) to connect to the Web via cellphone — a device that 91% say they never leave home without. And 39% told BabyCenter their time online is the most peaceful part of their day.

To help increase that peace, has just released a branded 99-cent app that turns Mom’s favorite Apple i-gadget into a learning toy. PhonyPhone places a large number pad on the iPhone or iPod touch screen but adds a safety lock that prevents little fingers from dialing a call. Instead, the kids hear a voice speak the number they’ve just pressed and see it displayed on the screen.

For kids who need some extra fun, touching the musical note key plays “London Bridge,” while hitting the soap-bubble key puts up a picture of a stream of bubbles.

“Moms know their cell phone can be the one thing standing between them and a major meltdown at the grocery store,” says editor-in-chief Linda Murray.

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