How to Add Meaning and Purpose to Marketing

Posted on by Patty Odell

Ensuring your marketing campaigns include purpose and meaning has become even more important to create meaningful relationships with consumers and shoppers to build trust and loyalty. Meaningful marketing is the new norm and the key stakeholders—the brand, the shopper and the retailer—each play a critical role in achieving positive brand health and those important consumer relationships.

Here are three ways big brands are making an impact.

meaningful marketing
One of the 40 varieties of Lay’s potato chip “smile” bags.

The Brand Take Lay’s, it recently released specially designed bags showing infectious smiles with the message that people should smile more. The bags feature 40 different smiles across almost all of lays flavors. Each bag purchased sparks a donation to Operation Smile, the medical service organization that helps children suffering from a cleft condition.

“When we thought about a partner we wanted to make sure they would join us on that same mission of spreading smiles and hopefully we’ll raise awareness for Operation Smile and get people to contribute,” Sarah Guzman, senior director of marketing at Lay’s, says.

The Shopper Consumers are looking for brands that improve their lives or make their lives easier like Clorox. The brand markets on the message that its products keep germs away to help families live a healthier life, not by communicating details on what ingredients they use, an article from Forbes says.

The Retailer Retailers want customer loyalty and they work to earn that loyalty through a number of initiative, including providing consumer experiences and other events to keep their brands top of mind. Forbes uses the example of the Toys R Us Snow Spectacular event in Times Square that was all about playtime, not specifically about selling toys.

“The symbiotic relationship between brand, shopper and retailer is only healthy with balanced amounts of meaning and purpose throughout the buying journey. Everyone needs meaning and purpose in their lives, including brands, shoppers and retailers,” Forbes said.

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