What Marketers Need To Know About Gaming Consumers

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gaming esportsThe gaming vertical continues to thrive during the pandemic. Nonetheless, there is still plenty for brands to learn about this group of consumers, according to a piece in AdExchanger. Considering that 50 percent of consumers globally play video games at least one a month, and 25 percent do every day, it behooves marketers to stay on top of the behaviors and preferences of this group. Following are insights and research marketers can use for gaming-focused campaigns.

*French mobile game studio Gameloft and its parent company Vivendi found that more than half of gamers are older than 36 and more than half of them are women.

*Gamification has begun to be applied outside of B2C marketing programs. For instance, human resource managers are using it to learn about employees or for training, e-health businesses are applying it, and teachers are using it within learning environments.

*Many consumers who have increased gameplay during the pandemic did so to escape the anxiety caused by their situations and to stay connected—socially—to the outside world.

*For younger demographics in particular, gaming is a way to make friends, socialize and maintain relationships. The space is used as a way for them to gather.

*Gamers tend to be interested in cultural trends, technology and brands’ social responsibility. They are more likely to develop trust for socially and environmentally-responsible brands that non-gamers.

For more insights on gamers that marketers can use, read more in AdExchanger.


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