15 Ways to Trim Marketing Budgets

Posted on by Patty Odell

Do more with less—that’s been the edict for agencies and in-house marketing directors alike turning up the pressure to maximize every dollar and prove every dollar’s effectiveness.

Marketing Budgets
Have a KPI for every marketing action is one of the 15 ways Forbes says you can trim your marketing budgets.

Forbes has asked members of its Communications Council how a company can spend less but still have a great outcome.

Here’s a sampling of council members responses:

• Send a personal note Now that may sound expensive considering the high costs of direct mail, but sending a personal note along with a small treat or gift card can find success. “One of our least expensive and most productive mailer campaigns is a Take 5 candy bar with messaging about how we’d like to take five minutes to explain our value proposition. Simple, low cost and extremely effective!,” Gabriella Sophia Doucas of Elutions told Forbes.

• Stretch your dollars with fresh and exciting content that tells a compelling story

• Is that high-quality, expensive print piece really necessary? Buck the norm by looking into how a direct mail piece or catalog might play digitally.

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• Use free content Developing creative can be an expensive part of any campaign Skip the photoshoots and overused stock art and check out user-generated content created by your customers and brand fans. “Brands have seen a significant decrease in content creation costs when they utilize free user-generated content, which means you spend less without giving up campaign quality,” Mallory (Blumer) Walsh of Stackla told Forbes.

• Circle the wagons A quick way to cut costs is to bring ad-buys in house. Of course, that takes time from one of your resources, but this council member says she “instantly saved over 10 percent on each ad.f

• Freshen up Instead of spending, spending, spending to create new creative, freshen existing creative and build materials for multiple applications to be kind to your marketing budgets.
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