What You Need to Improve B2B Conversion Rates

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

background of questionIn B2B, lead generation and lead nurturing are vital. But if those activities don’t ultimately result in conversion, well, there’s just no point.

Improving B2B conversion rates is one of the Holy Grails of marketing. That’s why we’re making it one of the focal points of this summer’s B2B LeadsCon. (Interested in speaking? The call for speakers is open now.)

On Entrepreneur.com, writer Danny Wong suggests that B2B salespeople should ask themselves this question: “What is the one task I can perform at each stage of the customer’s journey that will make them more likely to buy from me?”

It’s a simple but multifaceted idea. Different buyers have different needs during all points in their journey to becoming your customer. Knowing how to address these needs is crucial.

For example, writes Wong, during the early stages it pays to have an encyclopedic knowledge of your product or service’s various buyer personas. This will help B2B brands develop a baseline understanding of prospects’ needs, and help brands discover the next logical place to go in the sales conversation.

This can help brands frame interactions around prospective buyers’ needs, and show how their solution is the best fit for their organization.

“Remain engaged, and always look for genuine ways to help customers achieve something they want,” Wong says.

Of course, in every interaction, at every point in the B2B sales cycle, it is important to understand both what content performed best and who exactly it resonated with in a prospect organization, from first touch all the way through to conversion.

“Most marketers are flying blind—credit is being given to one person, when there are multiple touches,” noted Nadim Hossain, CEO and co-founder, BrightFunnel, in a recent Chief Marketer special report on B2B data attribution. “There are multiple folks who our marketing efforts are influencing, but you don’t necessarily know who they are or that they are viewing your content.”

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