Trust: A Marketer’s Competitive Advantage – The Value of Consent and Preference Management

Trust matters. There’s a shift in consumer expectations. Honoring privacy is crucial. Personal data is appearing in all aspects of a customer’s journey, from learning about a brand to receiving targeted messaging and relevant discounts to taking their first action.

As a result, the desire to engage only with brands that respect and protect consumer data grows. In fact, 70 percent of customers say trusting a brand is more important now than before. Preference management—a marketing strategy that gives users control of their data and transparency into how it is being used, while simultaneously allowing organizations to collect first-party data and better serve their audiences—is becoming increasingly crucial for brands.

In this short guide, we break down the key insights of the survey as well as industry trends and best practices for honoring privacy. You’ll learn how to build a marketing strategy that delivers on customer expectations while maintaining compliance with global privacy laws.

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