Celebrating the Contributions and Impact of Women in Marketing

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The Top Women in Marketing Awards shout out the women among us who hustle from home, from office, and every stop in between to exceed expectations. Over the last year, these women overcame unpredictable challenges and obstacles while being the fuel for creative excellence and catalysts for change.

These are the women making names for themselves at companies spanning both brands and agencies, and the b2b and b2c sectors. They are groundbreakers and ceiling shatterers. Creative visionaries and mentors. 

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There are 15 categories available for submission.
Entries can be made into more than one category.

DEI Champion

These women have taken an active role in fostering a work environment of opportunity, equality, and empowerment for all. They aim to be part of an organization that takes diversity beyond demographics.

The Crowd Catalyst

When it comes to audience development, she knows how to read and work the room. A mastermind at identifying the audiences her brands seek, and the content those audiences need. Proof of her superior skills live in the acquisition, engagement and retention numbers.

The Data Artist

This category is for the marketer with the ability to translate performance data into comprehensive, actionable narratives. Measurement has become her art form. From numbers she predicted audience trends and then launched more effective marketing strategies.

The Disrupters

Nominees are the women who shook off the norms in their industries this past year. They called new game plays, broke into new or emerging markets, identified new opportunities, and turned results that turned heads.

The Experiential Agent

Created a brand experience that moved audiences to new levels of measurable actions or engagements. She became the brand and the audience—throttling her experiential creativity beyond limits.

The Mentor

She is fiercely dedicated to her team, their individual growth, and professional achievements. Her door is always open as is an invitation to come through it.

The Opportunist

Nominees in this category transform challenges into opportunities for growth. With operational changes, new product launches, or complete strategy shifts, these women beamed new ways of thinking through the clouds of a receding storm.

The Social Navigator

A Social Navigator successfully delivered a cohesive brand message across social media platforms and personas. This year’s winner executed a campaign that went far beyond the like to produce valuable, measured results.

The Storyteller

Awarded to the marketer who artfully humanized a brand to communicate its purpose and connect with audiences. Through storytelling, she cultivated meaningful relationships between customers and brands—building a fleet of loyal ambassadors.

The Tech Titan

The one who tapped into technology to amplify a marketing campaign. She knew how to utilize tech to help drive a campaign forward and put purpose with the pizazz.

Master of Martech

The category for the marketer with a notable talent for implementing effective martech tools. Her toolkit choices solved real problems, increased analytical astuteness, or straight-up made her team’s marketing smarter this year.

The Creative

A skilled marketer who knows how to translate color, design, look and feel into award-worthy work. She may or may not have the title of art director (because creativity can come from anywhere), but her approach puts her marketing a cut above the rest.

The Idea Guru

Idea Gurus are consistently the answers to the question “Who came up with that!?” Their names will echo in boardrooms for years to come because of something so fresh and killer they contributed to a campaign this past year.

The Marketer of the Year

Her work is transformative. Her impact is significant. She possesses the perfect blend of purpose, eye for innovation, and understanding of audience rhythms.

The Ones to Watch

Nominees are the future class of uber talent within your organization. These are the young marketing ladies who if weren’t already working for you—you’d hire.



  • The Top Women in Marketing Awards are open to marketers, agencies, publishers, suppliers, and manufacturers active in any discipline of b2b and b2c marketing.
  • International entries are welcome!
  • Entrants may nominate as many individuals as they wish, and in as many categories as they wish.

Have questions? Please contact Megan Sigg at [email protected]


Each category will have a First Place winner and two Honorable Mentions. A panel of editors across Chief Marketer will be looking for indicators, results, and supporting materials that demonstrate the following:

  • Three notable accomplishments
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness and impact

Entry Requirements & Fees

Early Deadline: September 26
Fee: $275 per entry

Late Deadline: October 3
$425 per entry


If you have any questions or inquiries about the 2023 Top Women in Marketing Awards,
please contact Megan Sigg at [email protected]