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April 7, 2024

When odor elimination product Poo~Pourri rebranded to the more odor-agnostic ~Pourri a few years ago, it by no means left its original brand identity behind. Because if it had, the copywriting team’s seemingly endless supply of poo-puns would be flushed down the toilet. (See what I mean? Even I couldn’t resist.)

While ~Pourri now offers numerous odor-killing varieties, from Pet~ to Pit~ to Baby~, the Poo~Pourri product, invented by founder Suzy Batiz, remains the OG—and continues to fuel its creative. Beyond clever calls to action like “Meet the Best-Smellers” and “Put A Lid On Diaper Odor,” the brand is also known for delighting fans IRL with cheeky experiences—most famously through its 30-foot-tall inflatable “Giant Poo.”

~Pourri took over SXSW last month with a series of events in partnership with Rolling Stone, and also distributed NFC-enabled “pocket sprayers” (Poo~Pourri samples) festival-wide that unlocked a gamified, multi-touchpoint experience anchored by its forthcoming app. We spoke with ~Pourri CMO Shawn Patel about its SXSW success, the brand’s marketing journey, his strategy for growth, building a digital community, and much more.

With the countdown to the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America underway, opportunities for brands to tap into the vibrant culture of fútbol, particularly among U.S. Hispanics, are growing. But before marketers dive in, understanding the nuances of the U.S. Hispanic audience's relationship with the sport is crucial to crafting authentic communication strategies. Here’s what marketers should keep in mind.

LinkedIn has functioned as an online advertising platform for B2B marketing for years. But this past week, it announced new connected TV ad placements to help B2B folks target audiences off the platform. Read about why LinkedIn has decided to play in CTV—and how marketers can reap the benefits.

Lastly, here’s a look at how to maximize your brand’s investment in a public relations firm, through considering the right placement, positioning, thought leaders and outreach strategies with which to communicate your marketing messages.

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Chief Marketer

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