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April 14, 2024

“Your path isn't always easy, but the only ceiling in life is the one that you give it. You can accomplish anything if you've got determination, some grit, some vision for where you want to be, and you think about how you can do something versus if you can do something. I found that to be really valuable throughout my career.

Allice Milligan, CMO at Morgan Stanley

Milligan is referring to her atypical career journey to the C-suite. She left home at 19, worked a paper route, took a camp counselor gig and went to night school before landing a job in financial services. We spoke extensively with Milligan about her rise to the top, philosophies that guide her, how she markets to younger customers, social media strategies, innovative programs at Morgan Stanley, and more.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the Ozempic craze. Indeed, from a marketing perspective, the product has been wildly successful. Greg Ippolito, President and Creative Director at Ippolito Media Arts, examines Ozempic’s marketing, particularly its ability to address consumer pain points, and how this strategy can be applied to marketing campaigns across industries.  

The rise of advanced digital humans—interactive, 3D avatars powered by artificial intelligence—presents both opportunities and significant ethical considerations for marketers. As these AI-driven, human-like avatars become more ubiquitous, they hold the potential to revolutionize industries. But it’s crucial to navigate the complex ethical landscape that accompanies their development and use. Here are four ways to navigate this ethical terrain.

Lastly, Dove is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its Real Beauty campaign platform, which challenges unrealistic standards of beauty by showcasing women’s “real bodies” in its campaign advertising. As an extension of the campaign, it has pledged to not use AI-generated imagery when representing women in its advertising and communications. Read how the company chose to join in on the AI conversation.

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