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September 22, 2019

How was your week? Ours was crazy busy—not quite so bananas that we considered hiring an emotional support clown—but still, we’re very glad the weekend is here.

Finding the bandwidth to keep their social presence lively and engaging is making a lot of marketers feel exhausted. And for B2B marketers, social media no longer means just having an up-to-date LinkedIn page. We caught up with marketing leaders at Toast, Constant Contact and Thoughtbot to hear how they’re using podcasts, online communities and more to engage their audiences.

Mitsubishi is also upping its social game, using social media listening, AI and hyper-local geo-targeting to identify clusters of prospects who match their buyer profile and inviting them to test drive experiences at local venues, like ice cream shops and farmer’s markets.

Little things like a play-on-words can grab the attention of distracted consumers, and all-digital phone service Visible is taking this strategy to a whole new level. Sure, “unlimited messages” are fun, but “unlimited massages?” Even more fun. CMO Minjae Ormes gives us all the details on the eye-catching outdoor campaign.

“Big Four” auditing firm PwC’s chief commercial officer Reggie Walker is busy these days, leading his firm through a digital transformation to improve customer experience and move faster in the marketplace. He chatted with us about the challenges of reaching businesses across the globe.

Now that it is legal in many parts of the country, cannabis is now how many folks unwind after a hectic week. But regulations are putting tight constraints on how, when and where cannabis marketers can talk about their product. What can they say? And where can they say it? Here are six ideas to steal for marketing in a heavily regulated space.

Finally, a good SEO strategy shouldn’t just be the mission of the SEO team: it should be the mission of the entire organization. Consider these 10 pillars for SEO success that will help make everyone on your team accountable for your search strategy.

Calm down, release your inner clown and we’ll see you back here next week.

Beth Negus Viveiros

Managing Editor

Chief Marketer

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