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July 7, 2019

Holidays are about enjoying time with family and friends. That’s appropriate, because this week, we’re all about the experience.

English actor Clive Owen is the face of SAP’s new campaign, which uses everything from puppies to cramped airline seats to showcase the range of emotions one feels in a day. CMO Alicia Tillman shares how the B2B software giant is shifting the focus to customer experience.

Many folks reading this likely played one round of golf over the Independence Day break. A multiyear partnership with The PGA Tour is a new marketing experience for Meiomi Coastal California Wines. In an exclusive Q&A, VP of Brand Marketing Jaymie Schoenberg discusses the deal.

Johnson & Johnson Vision introduced a new light-sensitive contact lens technology by bring it alive in a series of live events. Learn how The Light Symposium opened doctors’ eyes with games, scavenger hunts and more.

One place B2B brands could definitely improve customer experience is on their websites. A new report from Forrester evaluated 60 B2B sites, and only four came out with a passing grade. We’ve got three key tips to create more engagement with your web content.

Finally, as the fireworks and BBQs wind down, take a moment and check out 10 of our top articles from June.

Be careful with those sparklers and we’ll see you back here next week.

Beth Negus Viveiros
Managing Editor
Chief Marketer

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