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for the week of April 14, 2019

This week, we’re excited to share the third installment in our “Understanding and Marketing to the Modern LGBTQ Community” series, with fresh insights on how to successfully and authentically connect with LGBTQ consumers.

Of course, LGBTQ marketing is really just part of a bigger imperative for marketing departments to better serve and represent all consumers. If you missed it last fall, here’s a quick read from our friends at Forbes on how marketers can help achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace—and why it matters to Gen Z and Millennials.

We also have to talk about your org chart. Seriously. Marketers tell us again and again that working in a silo or trying to make sense of an org chart with scattered marketing groups, in a word, sucks. Washington Post CMO Miki King and L.L. Bean Director of Brand Engagement Kathryn Burke Pratt tackled this pervasive challenge and shared some helpful insights on blowing up their existing infrastructure and creating one integrated marketing department. Read it here.

Also catching our attention this week, cosmetics brand Lush UK’s recent “protest” move to close down all of its social media channels in favor of email, phone calls and its website. See why it's saying “thanks, but no thanks” to algorithms and paid placement.

That’s just the tip of this week’s iceberg, folks, so read on for more and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jessica Heasley
Content Director - Chief Marketer

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