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for the week of March 9, 2019

Got time for a chat? Great, because this week we’re talking about ways marketers are sparking conversations.

They may not be having the best season, but the LA Kings are hitting their goals for stemming season ticket holder churn. Read how real-time modeling is helping the NHL franchise talk to fans in danger of leaving the rink.

This week marked International Women's Day and brands did not disappoint. Bud, Ked's, Celebrity Cruises, Dicks Sporting Goods and The Body Shop are just a few of the brands that put their best foot forward to celebrate and support women. 

We’ve also got the scoop on how Sketchers jumped into the conversation about Duke freshman Dion Williamson’s shoe blow-out, turning Nike’s loss into their gain with a new print campaign.

Also this week, we hit the Vegas strip to check out the excitement at LeadsCon.  Gordon Brott had lots of great tips for engaging B2B audiences.

We also chatted with Arbor about how they’re connecting with seniors, and Ryder Systems about transforming tech. What are you talking about?

Beth Negus Viveiros 

Managing Editor - Chief Marketer

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brands put their best foot forward for international women's day 

Budweiser, Ked's, Celebrity Cruises and The Body Shop are just a few of the brands that staged events, redesigned packaging and ads and rang bells across the globe to celebrate and support women.
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Ryder System's CMO on Driving Technology's Transformation

Karen Jones talks about how technology has changed her industry and provided new growth opportunities, as well as the role of data and the #MeToo movement.
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Partner Content

Are you giving the same old tired webinars, in the same way, over and over again? Don’t you think it’s time to try something different? Chief Marketer and ON24 teach you “7 Secrets to Avoid a Boring Webinar.” Learn tips and best practices that can increase the value of your webinars for you and your audience.

Search Helps Arbor Grow Senior Living Populations

An integrated marketing strategy powered by search is helping The Arbor Co. connect with seniors and their caregivers.
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LA Kings Turn to Modeling to Ice Churn

Real-time models are helping the Los Angeles Kings predict churn and improve retention with season ticket holders.
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Sketchers Rips Nike Over Exploding Shoe

Sneaker brand Sketchers, as brands will do, has taken advantage of Nike’s recent bad luck.
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6 Tips for Starting Customer Conversations

At LeadsCon Las Vegas this week, Gordon Brott shared tips for getting your audience talking.
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