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March 1, 2019

Hope you’ve got your popcorn and Sno-Caps handy, because this week, we’re talking movies.

“Captain Marvel” flies into theaters March 8 (we’ve already got our tickets), and web dev platform Wix is hitching a ride on her superheroic coattails. We’ve got the scoop on how the brand partnered with Marvel Studios to raise awareness.

Considering its still pretty chilly in many parts of the country, you might want to just stay home and… RedBox? In a world dominated by big players like Netflix, RedBox wants to increase its consideration with consumers. Our exclusive profile showcases the social strategy aiming to make it the go-to movie night choice.

Like a cold one while viewing? Anheuser-Busch U.S. sports marketing head Nick Kelly sat down for a Q&A to discuss how he comes up with big campaign ideas and manages a team that’s spread across the country.

And while great B2B email campaigns might not get nominated for Oscars, they are big stars in nurturing and engagement. We dive into the trends driving success in the inbox.

Of course, this is just a trailer of what we’re talking about this week. Read on, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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Captain Marvel Powers Wix Promotion

A team up with Marvel Studios' latest film is helping promote a new series of product enhancements.
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U.S. Smart Technology Projected to Top $2 billion in 2020: PQ Media

Smart technologies are the most recent addition to the marketing ecosystem and are proving to be the most effective platforms in increasing consumer engagement.
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Partner Content

Swimming in disjointed customer data? You’re not alone. Most senior marketers are being asked to translate the mountains of data they’re collecting into action, but don’t have the tools they need to effectively streamline and analyze it. MeritDirect Database Marketing Technology brings e-commerce, email, website hits, customer service and prospects into one centralized and unified database management solution. Read on to find out more.

How Redbox's Social Strategy Turned the Conversation to its Favor

Games, memes, short-form videos and plenty of interactive content added a successful sequel to Redbox’s digital marketing.
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Pushing the Envelope: 10 Tips for Direct Mail Success

Consider these 10 tips for ideas to integrate this old school tactic into your modern marketing strategy.
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InBev's Nick Kelly Talks Sports, Challenges and Rockin' Those Big Campaigns

Just shifting gears from a major campaign around the Daytona 500, Kelly is ramping up a number of firsts around the wild March basketball season.
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B2B Email: Customers Crave Curated and Customized Content

In a world where Amazon, Netflix and Spotify serves up content that feels handpicked, B2B email can no longer be the realm of batch and blast.
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