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for the week of February 24, 2019

Happy weekend, friends.   

In this week’s marketing roundup we’re taking a closer look at a few enterprising brands that are shaking up the industry with their unconventional approaches. Get ready to steal some of these ideas.

First up, we’re proud to present our newest annual feature, Chief Marketer’s Digital All-Stars. In this digital showcase we profile six brands that are not only using social media in innovative ways, they’re moving the needle while doing it. Among our in-depth case studies is, which leveraged a real-time “sneak attack” on Super Bowl Sunday’s TV ads and the conversations happening around them. Don’t have a Super Bowl-sized marketing budget? Neither did these guys—check out how they hijacked (in a good way) the game’s buzz.  

We’re also talking comebacks this week, with a closer look at Susan G. Komen’s year-long rebranding effort and how the organization is making sure that while its message of hope still resonates, consumers are also motivated to help the many women who are still dying of breast cancer. We offer you details on the marketing campaign’s social, content, OOH, TV and radio strategies, as well as exclusive insights from Linda Fisk, SVP of marketing at Susan G. Komen.

  Another savvy tactic that’s piquing the industry’s interest this week is TD Bank’s small business takeover program, where the bank invites local businesses to “take over” Boston’s TD Garden for a day. We spoke with Ben Mayer, VP of marketing and residential sales at SunBug Solar for his insights on what it means to be chosen for the program. A big bank giving away some of its on-site branding for the local little guy? We like it—and we bet that halo effect rubbed off on more than a few hockey fans, too. (Watch for more collaborations between big brands and SMBs in the months to come.)   

As always, that’s just a taste of what we’re talking about this week. So grab another cup of coffee, read on and enjoy the rest of your weekend. We’ll catch you back here next week.


Jessica Heasley
Content Director - Chief Marketer

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