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February 2, 2020

It’s game day, folks—for football fans and brands.

As millions of viewers tune in to today’s Super Bowl competition, all eyes are on the brands behind those 30-second spots. But for many of them, the storytelling lives beyond the confines of a commercial. Promotion for the campaigns started long before today with teasers, social media stunts, in-game competition announcements and even the promise of live color commentary from Pantone.

We kicked off a new Chief Marketer content series this week called “Brands on Fire.” It’s our monthly analysis of the world’s top brands and the marketing moves that are setting them apart. Learn why Mountain Dew has earned a place in the spotlight this month. (Hint: fan engagement and a “culture of doing” play a big part.)

Savvy brands like the Dew are engaging consumers on their own terms—and, increasingly, on their preferred platforms. It’s about elevating the customer experience at all stages of the purchase journey. We spoke with Des Cahill, Oracle’s CX CMO, about the latest trends in customer experience, the future of AI and the importance of data-driven leadership.

Consider this: CCPA has arrived, but up to 88 percent of businesses are unprepared for the new regulation. Here’s a look at five crucial insights for marketers, including the legislation’s scope beyond GDPR and how it’s wise to build compliance into development cycles.

Finally, we take a look at how interactive content for B2B marketing will take a leap forward—from high-quality video meetings to engaging live broadcasts to richer product demos—thanks to the advent of 5G.

Enjoy the game!

Kaylee Hultgren

Group Content Manager

Chief Marketer

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Our monthly analysis of the world’s top brands and the marketing moves that are setting it apart.
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