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December 15, 2019

Did you hear about the girls who made a TikTok video immediately following a disastrous-looking car crash? That’s right, making a video on the social platform was more important than, say, exiting the overturned vehicle. The popularity of this social media phenom is no joke. We explore how marketers can engage Gen Z consumers on TikTok, along with a few brand examples.

You thought you were done with Peloton, didn’t you? Wrong! In what seemed like a record turnaround, Aviation Gin aired a spot featuring the very same actress from the controversial Peloton ad. But this time she’s swapped out her stationary bike and her husband for a supportive girl squad—as well as a few cocktails. (Now that’s relatable.) This piggybacking marketing tactic, known as newsjacking, does have some best practices to keep in mind, though.

On the gaming front, Fortnite is getting some brand love. Both the NFL, with a celebrity tournament for charity, and Susan G. Komen, through a video game-based philanthropic campaign in partnership with influencers, are using Fortnite’s massive popularity to reach gaming and esports audiences.

For brands with digital transformation on the brain, we look at three ways to make collaboration between marketing and technology teams more seamless and beneficial to your organization.

Lastly, we talk acquisition with some tips on how to make your website accessible to, and inclusive of, consumers with disabilities. Because you ought to keep in mind the potential market of 61 million Americans who have a disability—while ensuring you don’t get fined in the meantime for non-compliance.

That’s all for now, folks!

Kaylee Hultgren

Group Content Manager

Chief Marketer

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