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October 20, 2019

There are a lot of “Ps” in October—pumpkins, politics and personalization.

Personalized email is helping the Bernie Sanders campaign create a spirit of community to engage subscribers—and donors—for the presidential candidate. Digital fundraising director Robin Curran recently shared how the campaign is using data to communicate in a more relevant way.

Of course, despite an email marketer’s best efforts, sometimes things just don’t go the right way and a brand ends up in the bad place—the blacklist. GasBuddy’s Melanie Kinney talks about the time the company found itself on a blacklist, why it happened and how they turned the car around.

Email is a significant channel for B2B marketers, driving many ecommerce purchases. We look at recent stats from UPS on what B2B online shoppers really want from the merchants they do business with (hint: they like an easy returns process and loyalty perks just as much as consumers).

Sports fans have a wealth of choices competing for their attention. Sports marketers face the same decisions when choosing which events to activate with and how. When a brand selects when and where to align with sports’ biggest events, they must understand how to value the results accurately. Here’s three tips for getting the most from your sponsorship social tie-ins. 

And finally, are Facebook or Instagram Stories part of your social strategy? We’ve got seven ideas for making your stories more effective.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely fall weekend! See you back here next week.

Beth Negus Viveiros
Managing Editor
Chief Marketer

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Personalized email is helping the Bernie Sanders campaign create a spirit of community to engage subscribers—and donors—for the presidential candidate.
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