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January 12, 2020

The first major show of the year is in the bag. And what did we learn from the annual tech fest? So, so much.

We’re talking about CES, of course, which introduces a barrage of cool gadgets to pique marketers’ imaginations right after we’ve made resolutions to spend less money. Perhaps the pinnacle of personalization was a digital screen from Delta that gives travelers personalized messages when they stand in front of it. Exciting stuff. We’re not quite there yet, but according to our B2B Marketing Outlook for 2020, customer experience is top of mind for 80 percent of marketers.

CES is also a launch pad for experiential stunts, like the highly-personalized dinner from HBO’s "Westworld" in which the minutia of participants’ digital lives were used to craft a customized experience bordering on creepy. Scratch that: It was creepy. No stranger to imaginative marketing, HBO staged the most buzzworthy activation at SXSW last year by summoning fans to “Bleed For The Throne.” Doesn’t get more participatory than that. The event ranks as one of the top experiential marketing stories of 2019.

Our B2B Marketing Outlook also revealed that email is the channel used most by marketers to find ROI-generating leads. Social video is having its moment, too. Here are three ways to incorporate video into your email marketing program and predictions on how social video will evolve in the coming year. And, if influencers are driving your brand’s video strategy, explore some ideas for generating the most ROI.

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup of CES takeaways tailored specifically for marketers.

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Kaylee Hultgren

Group Content Manager

Chief Marketer


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