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Marketers on Fire: Milani Cosmetics CMO on Democratizing Prestige Beauty, Inclusivity & Social Trends
We spoke with CMO Jeremy Lowenstein about his marketing philosophy, successful social campaigns, democratizing luxury beauty and fostering a culture build on agility. READ FULL STORY
Data & Analytics
Global Data, Local Impact: Mastering Personalization With a Centralized Data Hub
By establishing a centralized data hub (CDH), companies can ensure all critical global marketing data flows through one central location and is aligned to serve overall company goals. READ FULL STORY
How to Create a Custom GPT for Email, ChatBots and Improved Workflows
AI-driven applications have quickly become a must-have tool in the marketing and PR worlds. But GPTs can deliver results that are more focused on your company's specific needs. READ FULL STORY
Brand Marketing
The Illusion of Brand vs. Demand Marketing
How can marketers ensure they can elevate brand discussions to the top the agenda in C-suite or Boardroom agenda? The answer, writes our columnist, lies in quantifying and monetizing brand. READ FULL STORY
Brand Engagement
How WWE Created a 5G-Enabled ‘Chair Phone’ - Q&A With Cricket Wireless Marketing AVP
Read how the WWE and Cricket Wireless chair phone invention came together, according to Cindy Rozier, AVP, Marketing - Brand - Advertising, National Sponsorships, at Cricket Wireless. READ FULL STORY
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