What Are You Reading? June’s Top B2B & Martech Articles

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros
Tweeting in Alexander Hamilton’s voice helped build engagement for BNY Mellon.

Looking for some great summer reads? Check out our 10 most popular B2B and martech articles for June 2018.

Cisco’s Journey to Digital Transformation
Cisco is in the process of morphing into a customer-centric organization; Joseph Puthessery shares insignt on the journey.

Comcast Drives Growth With Marketing Investments
A variety of marketing approaches and tactics is helping Comcast Business connect with a wide range of B2B target customers.

The Rise of CGI Social Media Influencers
What you see is what you get isn’t always the case with social media influencers—especially when they’re actually computer generated avatars.

Three Key Differences Between Affiliate and Referral Marketing
The lines tend to be blurry between affiliate and referral marketing, the confusion leads to inefficient campaigns that often never even get off the ground.

Behavorial Analytics Habits to Keep Leads Flowing
Having a handle on the behavioral analytics behind online traffic can make a huge difference in reporting for any marketing team.

BNY Mellon Takes Their Shot With Hamilton
BNY Mellon is leveraging its connection with Alexander Hamilton to capitalize on the founding father’s newfound pop culture hero status.

Is Voice Technology the Next Big Disruptor?
Fifty-eight percent of consumers have used voice search to find local business information in the last 12 months and 46 percent look for a local business on a daily basis, according to a new survey.

Five Proven Ways to Improve Website Conversion Rates
Being able to get traffic to your website is great, but if the traffic isn’t converting, then all of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will be wasted.

State Street Global, Grant Thornton, Hiscox Win B2 Awards
Campaigns featuring Fearless Girl, risk taking and the PGA helped top brands win big at the ANA’s B2 Awards

Emotions Matter When It Comes to Engagement: Report
What two emotions engage readers the most online? Nostalgia and schadenfreude, according to new research from online news site Topix.



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